Sunday, 11 September 2011

Life, accommodated.

My daughter in her support bathing cap

Clearly, I am no blogger with my posts coming at a pitiful rate of once every 8 weeks! But, here is your bi-monthly update:

I did shave my head. It was not as empowering as it looks on tv. I cried and my daughter gave me a lecture about how hair is not actually an important body part (and is certainly nothing to cry over). I was surprised that she didn't have a powerpoint prepared to support her convincing argument.

Though we went back to the basics in many ways (like having to focus on eating, sleeping, and hand washing), we still managed to live our lives. We had an activity-packed summer during each of my off-treatment periods of two weeks. My favourite excursion was a stay at the airport hotel that has a water slide. We changed in our hotel room and wore bathing caps and goggles so that we would seem like an intense swim duo instead of people dealing with cancer. It was during this trip that my daughter coined the term "support bathing cap."

My best update of all is that I just had my last A/C chemotherapy treatment! I honestly can't believe that I made it through. I wanted to quit so many times. I am starting a new treatment that will apparently not make me spend my week camping out on the bathroom floor. Yay!

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