Wednesday, 4 May 2011


Great news, I woke up after surgery! I am happily recovering at home and rediscovering daytime television and naps. Of course, I have many people to thank for the role that they played in getting me to this land of sweatpants and everyday luxury (seriously, I now have 7 pillows on my bed).

Thank you to my doctors for their precision, professionalism, and comforting bedside manner. Thank you to the nurses and staff at the Jewish General Hospital for their kindness, concern, humour, encouragement, and conscientious care. Thank you to my friends and family who texted, emailed, and phoned me to offer love and support. I treasure each of those messages. Thank you to friends who have given me rides, brought over delicious food, taken me for walks, and who have come by to sit and have a cup of tea. Thank you to my cousin who came to stay with me after surgery and to my sister who is coming tomorrow to help me with my daughter when she returns from her stay with her grandparents. Thank you to Tina Fey for writing a book that is so funny that it leaves me reaching for my pain medication every time I have a belly laugh.

Thank you especially to my dear friend S.R. who was with me throughout the entire surgical process, who served as my advocate (I needed one), and who slept on uncomfortable chairs to stay by my side. She held my vomit bucket (which I unfortunately used for two days), brushed my hair because I could not raise my arms, and fetched anything that I could not reach (which was pretty much everything). Amazingly, she managed to do all of this while making me feel like we were having a regular conversation at any Montreal hipster bar. The whining, sighing, and occasional moaning from the other patients really added to the hipster bar feel of my hospital room (in fact, I was astonished to find a lack of lumber jack shirts, bad eyeglasses, and ironic moustaches when I peaked around the curtain at the other patients). I know that S.R. wants no accolades, so I will simply quote one of my favourite Weakerthans songs to express my appreciation. Dear S.R., " I know you might roll your eyes at this, but I'm so glad that you exist."

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